Misora Kindergarten Renovation-Kindergarten by Yoshitaka Uchino

Yoshitaka Uchino Discloses The Misora Kindergarten Renovation Kindergarten

Yoshitaka Uchino, the lead designer of the award winning work Kindergarten by Yoshitaka Uchino spells out, Yoshitaka Uchino designs spaces where people feel natures such as light, wind, and rain. his vision is todesign old spaces into something spe <Cropped>

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Stand Printer by Wonkyung Jang

Wonkyung Jang Creates The Stand Printer Personal Printer

Wonkyung Jang, the creator of the award winning work Wonkyung Jang's Stand Printer Personal printer explains, Design of printer with the concept of a furniture. This is a design of the printer with the concept of a furniture. This was designed f <Cropped>

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Brand Showroom:home Dream Design Center by Gudc

Gudc Portrays The Home Dream Design Center Brand Showroom

GUDC, the maker of the highlighted work Brand Showroom:HOME DREAM Design Center by GUDC demonstrates, In this two-storey high showroom space, our task is to promote kitchen ware and showcase brand's excellent kitchen designs. Browsing through <Cropped>

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Office Space:astor Hellas Hq by Malvi

Malvi Designs The Astor Hellas Hq Office Space

MALVI, the project leader of the displayed work MALVI's Astor Hellas HQ Office space illustrates, Our studio was approached by Astor Hellas, a leading wholesale international trading company in the Greek market, in order to design their new head <Cropped>

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Calendar by Kotryna Naraskeviciute

Kotryna Naraskeviciute Illustrates The Calendar For Artists 2016 Calendar

Kotryna Naraskeviciute, the project leader of the highlighted project Calendar for Artists 2016 by Kotryna Naraskeviciute says, This Calendar is a 12 straight forward steps journey to an artist success. It is a very clear and short guide which expl <Cropped>

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Modern Future Visual Experience-Exchange by Ho Chyi Co. Decoration

Ho Chyi Co. Decoration Discloses The Modern Future Visual Experience Exchange

Ho Chyi Co. Decoration, the maker of the awarded design Exchange by Ho Chyi Co. Decoration points out, Breaking the traditional quadrilateral framework, one into the greeting itself is more in line with the human body lines of the oval, and more in l <Cropped>

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Sardonna Hin Ting Tsui's Coral Extinction Ring

Sardonna Hin Ting Tsui Shows The Coral Extinction Ring

Sardonna Hin Ting Tsui, the maker of the awarded work Ring by Sardonna Hin Ting Tsui explicates, Coral is found underwater and not many people get an opportunity to explore their beauty. These three wearable rings attempts to bring coral’s intricat <Cropped>

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Interior Design:needle Workshop by Martin Chow

Martin Chow Reveals The Needle Workshop Interior Design

Martin Chow, the architect of the displayed project Needle Workshop - Interior Design by Martin Chow spells out, The project is a demonstration unit for the property. Designer proposed a fashion designer's workshop which includes a display area, <Cropped>

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Desktop 3d Printer by Rron Cena

Rron Cena Presents The Formon Core Desktop 3d Printer

Rron Cena , the designer of the awarded project Desktop 3D Printer by Rron Cena explains, Formon Core is designed for the end user, as a plug-and-play device. The whole approach in the design process was to remove the perceptual barriers from the use <Cropped>

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Award Winning Hegde Chair Chair Seating

Himika Lakhanpuria Designs The Hegde Chair Chair Seating

Himika Lakhanpuria, the creative mind behind the displayed project Chair Seating:HEGDE CHAIR by Himika Lakhanpuria says, A seating element made in glass for transparency, with hedge growing underneath makes it a part of the outdoor surrounding. The i <Cropped>

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