Bottle by Studio Xaquixe

Studio Xaquixe Designs The Pasión Bottle

Studio Xaquixe, the creator of the displayed work Bottle by Studio Xaquixe points out, This is a hand made object designed by Arturo López, one of the crew members at Studio Xaquixe. He got the idea of the bottle when he saw a tree that looked like <Cropped>

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10th Anniversary Commemorative Poster-Poster by Kathy Mueller

Kathy Mueller Reveals The 10th Anniversary Commemorative Poster Poster

Kathy Mueller , the author of the highlighted project Poster by Kathy Mueller explains, Cocktails Against Cancer hosts an annual fundraising event to raise donations for its beneficiaries. This white ink silkscreen and copper metallic foil poster in <Cropped>

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Kot, Ge 's Kot&kalen Residential Design

Kot, Ge Shows The Kot&kalen Residential Design

Kot,Ge , the lead designer of the highlighted project Kot&Kalen - Residential design by Kot,Ge demonstrates, The possession of wealth does not mean property of taste. In particular, villa, an asset with significant symbolism, can only be mastere <Cropped>

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Naturally-Home Interior Design by Huang Chih Pen and Lin Ya Ching

Huang Chih Pen and Lin Ya Ching Designs The Naturally Home Interior Design

Huang Chih Pen and Lin Ya Ching, the creative mind behind the award winning work Naturally - Home Interior Design by Huang Chih Pen and Lin Ya Ching spells out, Naturally. Just to create a simple and naturally space. To make the space that natural ca <Cropped>

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Secli Weinwelt, Buchs-dwelling and Office Building by Carlos Martinez Architekten

Carlos Martinez Architekten Exhibits The Secli Weinwelt, Buchs Dwelling and Office Building

Carlos Martinez Architekten, the designer of the highlighted work dwelling and office building by Carlos Martinez Architekten illustrates, Elementary terracotta-coated volumes assemble like exquisite boxes of wine into a fascinating residential and <Cropped>

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Jewellery by Sara Chyan

Sara Chyan Discloses The Emotional Jewellery Jewellery

Sara Chyan, the lead designer of the highlighted work Emotional Jewellery - Jewellery by Sara Chyan illustrates, Temperature plays a major role in Sara's project. The application of bismuth is rarely seen in day to day life. The low melting poin <Cropped>

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Jis Sapporo by Atsuhiko Sugiyama

Atsuhiko Sugiyama Discloses The Jis Sapporo Bar Lounge

Atsuhiko Sugiyama, the maker of the displayed design Jis Sapporo - Bar Lounge by Atsuhiko Sugiyama demonstrates, We designed the project based on the imagination of what the world is like in 200 years. We designed an extraordinary space that far exce <Cropped>

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Haiku-Ceiling Fan by Big Ass Fans

Big Ass Fans Creates The Haiku Ceiling Fan

Big Ass Fans, the project leader of the awarded project Haiku - Ceiling Fan by Big Ass Fans points out, Haiku looks different because it is different, with handcrafted Thin Sheet™ airfoils connecting seamlessly at its center. Every Haiku undergoes <Cropped>

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Solar Powered Light by Josh Tulkoff & Brook Kennedy

Josh Tulkoff & Brook Kennedy Demonstrates The Soli Solar Powered Light

Josh Tulkoff & Brook Kennedy, the architect of the displayed design Award Winning Soli Solar powered light explicates, Soli is a solar chargeable flashlight/ lamp designed to raise awareness about energy poverty and the hazards of kerosene used b <Cropped>

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Award Winning Caroline Heater-Kindle Living Natural Gas Patio Heater

Arturo Fis Reveals The Caroline Heater-Kindle Living Natural Gas Patio Heater

Arturo Fis, the lead designer of the award winning project Caroline Heater - Kindle Living - Natural Gas Patio Heater by Arturo Fis explicates, Despite their enormous popularity, little meaningful development has taken place in the improvement of the <Cropped>

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