Award Winning Da Ming Mountain Spring

Liang Hongning Creates The Da Ming Mountain Spring

Liang Hongning, the maker of the displayed project Spring by Liang Hongning illustrates, This product is a mountain spring, the water source comes from a mountain called "Da Ming Mountain", "Da Ming Mountain" and the birthplace of <Cropped>

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A Kindergarten by Ching Wen Huang

Ching Wen Huang Designs The Rainbow a Kindergarten

Ching Wen Huang, the architect of the highlighted design Rainbow - A Kindergarten by Ching Wen Huang points out, According to the Bible, the rainbow is an excellent agreement between god and human beings. Rainbow Kindergarten is the white paint of t <Cropped>

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Award Winning Fashion Store-La Palette Fashion Retail

Firki Studio Demonstrates The Fashion Store-La Palette Fashion Retail

Firki Studio, the author of the highlighted project Fashion Retail by Firki Studio says, Inspired by the fashion brand, the design uses embroidery hoops as a metaphor to unify the entire space in an elegant manner. An inexpensive material such as hoo <Cropped>

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Magazine Holder by Alvaro Diaz Hernandez

Alvaro Diaz Hernandez Shares The Add Magazine Holder

Alvaro Diaz Hernandez, the architect of the awarded project Add by Alvaro Diaz Hernandez spells out, It is a decorative and functional magazine holder thought for both the residence and work space. It is a light and easy to displace accessory , where <Cropped>

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Daosheng Design Team's Glorious Youth Sales Center

Daosheng Design Team Reveals The Glorious Youth Sales Center

Daosheng Design Team, the architect of the award winning design Sales Center by Daosheng Design Team spells out, Red brick, as a traditional building material, has rough texture and elegant color. Designers use it as an important element in the proje <Cropped>

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Labels:kos by Juan Jose Montes

Juan Jose Montes Exhibits The Kos Labels

Juan Jose Montes, the thinktank behind the displayed design Labels by Juan Jose Montes demonstrates, The objective for the project was to create a playful, fun, educating, clean and straight-forward visual identity for KOS that would be mostly displa <Cropped>

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Coffee Shop by Han Lee

Han Lee Reveals The Rui Lei Cafe Coffee Shop

Han Lee, the lead designer of the highlighted work Coffee Shop:Rui Lei Cafe by Han Lee explains, Rui means the Chinese mortise and tenon joints of ancient wood construction in China; Lei represents flower blooming. This small and old time house had b <Cropped>

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Carpos-Corporate Identity by Panos Tsakiris

Panos Tsakiris Demonstrates The Carpos Corporate Identity

Panos Tsakiris, the creative mind behind the highlighted work Corporate Identity by Panos Tsakiris explicates, Designing Carpos identity system has been a challenging and intriguing project. The guidelines and restrictions were paramount in order an <Cropped>

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Acclaimed Designer's Cloche Chair

Acclaimed Designer Reveals The Cloche Chair

The designer of the awarded project Chair by Acclaimed Designer demonstrates, the plastic safety barrel chairs turn from symbols of caution into abjects of comfort; the Cloche Chair is part of an ongoing project - The Street Is In The House, an art p <Cropped>

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Hotel:ji Hotel by Kuang Ming Chou

Kuang Ming Chou Discloses The Ji Hotel Hotel

Kuang Ming Chou, the creative mind behind the highlighted work Ji Hotel - Hotel by Kuang Ming Chou says, Most of hotels in China follow the western operation guide, but ignored the actual market needs. In Ji Hotel, as a china hotel chain, our design <Cropped>

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