Traffic Signal by Casbevilla Team

Casbevilla Team Creates The Don Luis Traffic Signal

CasBeVilla Team, the maker of the award winning design Award Winning Don Luis Traffic signal explicates, “Many countries have begun to implement policies to encourage walking as an important mode of transport. Pedestrian risk is increased when road <Cropped>

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Self-Ordering System For Restaurants by Ihor Shadko

Ihor Shadko Presents The Restaurants Automation System Self-Ordering System For Restaurants

Ihor Shadko , the lead designer of the highlighted design Restaurants Automation System by Ihor Shadko spells out, Development of the Mycelium SWISH raised a big challenge of creating a complex design environment which must mutual beneficially unite <Cropped>

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The Habitat-Rethinking Student Housing in India

The Aim of The Competition Is to Design a Quality Student Housing For 140 Occupants in India With Different Unit Typologies Such as Studio, Double & Four Sharing Options With All State of The Art Facilities Creating Community Like Environment. The Sub

The aim of the competition is to design a quality student housing for 140 occupants in india with different unit typologies such as studio, double & four sharing options with all state of the art facilities creating community like environment. th <Cropped>

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Style Imaging by Ingmar Swalue Photography

Ingmar Swalue Photography Reveals The Delhaas C19 Style Imaging

Ingmar Swalue Photography, the author of the award winning design Style Imaging by Ingmar Swalue Photography points out, Shooting mood imagery and style photographs for Marjolein Delhaas 2019 collection of planners and notebooks. Create an atmosphere <Cropped>

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The Six by Fahad Alhumaidi

Fahad Alhumaidi Reveals The The Six Residential House

Fahad Alhumaidi, the designer of the awarded design Fahad Alhumaidi's The six Residential House says, This project, consisting of six identical detached houses located in Bnaider Kuwait . The design of this project consist of three phases, the f <Cropped>

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Staircase by Roberto Rossi

Roberto Rossi Demonstrates The Whale Skeleton Staircase

Roberto Rossi, the maker of the displayed design WHALE SKELETON by Roberto Rossi demonstrates, The whale skeleton staircase demonstrates the ability of the design to draw on biological forms in nature. This staircase stands out the uniqueness of the <Cropped>

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Residence:house W by Atelier About Architecture

Atelier About Architecture Discloses The House W Residence

Atelier About Architecture, the project leader of the highlighted work Residence:House W by Atelier About Architecture points out, It took three years to complete the design of House W with numerous redesign and adjustments in between. Atelier About <Cropped>

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Acclaimed Designer's Constellation Eye-Wear

Acclaimed Designer Reveals The Constellation Eye-Wear

The lead designer of the highlighted work Eye-wear by Acclaimed Designer illustrates, The “constellation” project shows a conceptual idea of fashion accessory design. It is mainly presented an eye wear object which composed by a simplified constr <Cropped>

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New Wardrobe Doors

Tomasella and Desall Invite You to Design a New Collection of Doors, Sliding and Hinged Doors, For a Series of Composable Wardrobe Systems Currently Featuring Their Wardrobe Doors New Product Design Contest On Tomasella and Desa

Tomasella and desall invite you to design a new collection of doors, sliding and hinged doors, for a series of composable wardrobe systems currently featuring their catalogue.New wardrobe doors new product design contest on tomasella and <Cropped>

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Award Winning "krones Bicycle Bottle" Cycling Bottle Printed With Decotype

Stefan Plath Presents The "krones Bicycle Bottle" Cycling Bottle Printed With Decotype

Stefan Plath, the maker of the awarded project Cycling bottle printed with DecoType by Stefan Plath explains, Cycling bottle printed with DecoType. Robust, washable, squeezable – actually a perfect bottle for sport lovers as it fits ideally into a <Cropped>

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